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How to fix the serial library error in Processing in a computer room with MAC OS X

When an unprivileged user needs to use the serial port it is mandatory to run a script provided by Processing located in Tools->Fix Serial Library. This option just execute a call to osascript command in OS X to execute an applescript that will create a directory on root file and grant permission to the world. So the unprivileged user can't do it. So with Apple Remote Desktop or through a tool like cssh the next command can be send to every computer.
mkdir -p /var/lock && chmod 777 /var/lock
Thanks to the processing source code I was able to see what the hell was doing the script to adapt the process to my own needs. Now I can save tedious work from going machine to machine to just put the root user and password
Tested with versiĆ³n 2.08b

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